A fire in Villeneuve, France, has caused the evacuation of 200 residents and has burned 170 hectares of land

A fresh fire has broken out in Villeneuve, and the firefighting crews from Alpes-de-Haute-Provence have been sent to put it out. Two hundred persons are being rescued at this time, according to the BMF Dici portal.

Fire in progress in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. According to BFM DICI, located close to the firemen of 04, the firemen have been mobilized on a fire that has broken out in Villeneuve. Already, 170 hectares have been consumed by the fire.

The blaze in the woods began in an area known as La Bastide du Bois. The blaze raging close to the homes was expected to proceed in the direction of Forcalquier. In the sector, a significant smoke plume can be seen. The homes of 200 individuals will have to be evacuated because of the situation. The prefecture has stated that Forcalquier would serve as their temporary home while they are in the country.

According to the municipal hall, they will be located at the sports facility named after Alain Prieur. Food and drink will be available, in addition to the beds that will be put up at the location. We must remember that the whole country is under alert because of the severe drought, and wildfires are a common consequence.

Around one hundred firemen were involved.

One hundred firemen are involved in this operation (four forest fire intervention units, a food group, and the chain of command). At this time, there is a heavy bomber helicopter present. There are a total of two DASH water bomber planes participating.

According to a tweet sent by SDIS 06, an additional sixty firemen from the Alpes-Maritimes would be sent to the scene to bolster the existing team. The firemen kindly beg that the emergency lines not be clogged.

France is not the only country affected by wildfire. Throughout the old continent, plus the United States and Canada, firemen are putting against the blazes, especially the McKinney fire, in California.