Deluge in Medellin, Colombia: buildings under water due to floods

Medellin, the capital of Antioquia, is currently submerged in water due to the torrential rains pouring on the city on the afternoon of August 1.

Flooding occurred on several public roadways due to these precipitations, particularly in the northern part of the city.

Over the past 24 hours, the Medellin Fire Department has responded to more than 160 emergency calls from the 123 hotlines.

According to the Administrative Department of Disaster Risk Management (DAGRD), “The areas where the response actions were focused are the Popular, Manrique, Castilla, Doce de Octubre, and Robledo neighborhoods.”

According to the DAGRD, 18 passengers and a bus driver stuck in a flood in the depressed region of the northern terminal needed to be rescued. The driver of the vehicle also had to be rescued. The afflicted car was nearly entirely submerged in water, and the only part seen above the surface was the vehicle’s roof.

Both the Florida Shopping Center and the Valvanera Parish, which are both located in the Pedregal area, were affected by the flooding.

Residents of Medellin have taken to social networks to report damage in their districts. A user can see in a video uploaded to the internet that the water comes up to a guy’s waist.

The accounts published on Twitter suggest that the situation in the Sinai area due to the rainfall is a cause for concern. Despite the flooding, there are “no injured people or affected families,” according to the DAGRD officials and the members of the Fire Department. They arrived in the area after civilians complained that authorities were not present although they were present in the sector.

“At this very time, we are working with @DAGRDMedelin to keep track of the current situation at each educational institution. At this time, we have information that seven schools, none of which suffered seriously from the incident, were impacted “The Secretary of Education for the city of Medellin, Alexandra Agudelo Ruiz, made the statement.

Citizens have been asked by the DAGRD to maintain their composure, clear the drains, drains, and streams, and carry out continuous monitoring of the level and behavior of the tributaries.

“At this moment, focusing on crucial locations with the Fire Department of Medellin and prioritizing occurrences by the technical team will continue. There have been no reports of anyone being hurt at this time,” he explained.

At around midday on Monday, the Early Warning System of Medellin and the Aburrá Valley began to record rainfall in those areas. In the past several hours, this organization has also reported dozens of electrical discharges and dramatic rises in the levels of various streams in the vicinity.