Catastrophe produced by Kentucky floods: over 35 deaths so far

The flooding spreading over the state of Kentucky has claimed the lives of 35 people, and the difficulties in conducting cleaning, search, and rescue efforts have only worsened the situation.

Andy Beshear, the governor of the state located in the south-central United States, tweeted the phrase “More hard news,”

Beshear declared, “We have confirmed more fatalities from the Eastern Kentucky flooding,” adding, “Our losses now rise to 35.”

Beshear stated that it is likely that the number of fatalities would continue to grow as search and rescue personnel spread out over the flooded areas and retrieve additional bodies. This process was made more difficult by the rains that occurred on Monday.

The governor has stated that severe storms may occur today in all impacted areas.

The previous week, some areas of eastern Kentucky received more than 8 inches of rainfall over 24 hours, which led to flash floods.

Within a short period, the water level of the North Fork of the Kentucky River near Whitesburg climbed to 6 meters, which is far higher than its previous record (4.5 meters).

There are still areas of the Appalachian Mountains that are inaccessible due to the damage caused by flooding, which transformed roads into rivers, wrecked bridges, and swept away homes.

A section of Kentucky that was already struggling with great poverty due to the loss of the coal industry, which served as the region’s primary economic driver, was hit by floods.

A terrible event previously occurred in the state in December 2021, when a tornado tore through the western section of the state and caused the deaths of sixty individuals.

Declaring the state of being in a state of disaster, President Joe Biden asked for federal assistance to bolster the efforts being made by state and local authorities.

The flooding in eastern Kentucky is the most recent in a string of extreme weather occurrences, which scientists agree are a clear indication of climate change.