Maryland and Washington DC are under a heat advisory on August 4, 2022, with temperatures up to 105 degrees

The Eastern Shore of Maryland, Arlington, Virginia, and southern Montgomery County were all included in the National Weather Service’s (NWS) heat advisory for the Washington, D.C., metropolitan region on Thursday. The alert will be in place from 11 am to 8 pm.

According to the government, the temperature range for the heat index will be between 100 and 105 degrees.

According to the NWS, however, the afternoon is expected to form “strong to severe” thunderstorms and a few isolated flooding events because of the humidity.

The “flood threat” for Friday has increased, according to the weather service.

What to do in a heat advisory

Avoid sugary drinks and stay hydrated in the heat by choosing water and sports drinks instead. Visit the shade for breaks. Recognize the symptoms of heat illness, and stay out of the sun or postpone the complicated outdoor activity until morning.

In a parked car, never leave a pet or young children unattended. Kids And Cars portal reported that even with the windows open, temperatures in cars could increase to deadly levels in a matter of minutes.

Another way to stay cool is to dress in light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.

A heat emergency is reportedly declared in D.C. when the temperature or heat index surpasses 95 degrees. When it is too hot, cooling centers are open. Obtaining free transportation and a cooling facility is explained here.

Additional options for cooling down include spray parks and public pools. In the entire region, pools and water slides are open.